LE's Long-drain SAE 15W-40 engine oil designed for year-round extended drain service in diesel and gasoline engines for fleet and industrial use.

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LE's 8800 MONOLEC Ultra® Engine Oil provides the most desired features and benefits for heavy-duty service in diesel and gasoline engines. Through a unique formulation available only from Lubrication Engineers®, INC., 8800 MONOLEC ULTRA® ENGINE OIL offers exceptional service.

The dependable 15W-40 viscosity range is made possible by a sheer-stable viscosity modifier developed and proven by LE through years of research and actual field experience. LE's 8800 MONOLEC ULTRA® Engine Oil contains MONOLEC® , LE's exclusive wear reducing additive and select 100% paraffinic base oils. No other brand of petroleum lubrication oil, regardless of price, will be found superior in condition to LE's MONOLEC ULTRA® Engine Oil at any given period of use

The benefits are:
1. Safe extended drain intervals of up to 100,000 miles in diesel engines with specified filter changes and periodic scheduled oil analysis.
2. All-season, all-weather performance affords minimal drag during startup at low temperatures, while effectively lubricating at high temperatures.
3. Superior anti-wear protection through two anti-wear agents which, work together to reduce wear to an absolute minimum.
4. Reduced oil consumption. 8800 MONOLEC ULTRA® Engine Oil has continuously cut oil consumption up to 60% in field tests and even more in actual usage. Individual results vary
with engine and operating conditions
5. Improved fuel mileage was proven in tests to increase fuel efficiency up to 2.5%, with greater increases being realized by many users.
6. Long service life comes from oxidation inhibitors combined with select 100% paraffinic base oil which prevents excessive thickening or deposit formation.
7. Heavy-duty detergents and dispersant keep engine parts clean and keep contaminants in suspension until removal by draining the oil.
8. Non-foaming in service to provide smooth engine performance.
9. Improved fleet reliability and uptime. No fleet can afford unscheduled downtime. LE's 8800 MONOLEC ULTRA® Engine Oil is the only choice for dependable service in all conditions.