Why A Magnet

As the metallic components in transmissions and axles wear, they generate very fine particle debris that becomes suspended in the lubricating oil. A suspended magnet acts as a filter to contain these particles, keeping the fluid cleaner and extending component life. Periodic checking and cleaning of the magnet is recommended for maximum fluid service life.

10+ Reasons Why

  • Average of double the fluid capacity
  • Ease of Maintenance and Service
  • The dipstick is knurled for quick removal, the flat is marked low/high to check lube level and a magnet, which acts as an open filter is in the lower end. The MS 7/8 - 14 THD port is large enough to use for filling.
  • The magnet-filled drain plug is the same MS port as the dipstick. Both the dipstick and drain are O-ring sealed.
  • The sending unit fitting is 1/8 pipe THD and shipped with a stainless pipe plug.
  • Fluid longevity increased due to cooler temperatures.
  • The reference plug is centered on the serial number plate and approximates the stock cover fill plug for factory fluid level.
  • The O-ring is snapped into the inverted "V" groove for a positive seal without gasket or silicone
  • Plugs, cap screws and washers are stainless steel in most applications.
  • Mag-Hytec manufactures locally in Southern California. We are very Proud to say "Made in the USA"
  • Quality materials second to none.
  • 20 years Manufacturing Quality parts and developing more all the time. 40 years of Aerospace Manufacturing grandfathers attention to detail and experience unequaled in our field