LE 1605 SAE 110w DUOLEC

The Top 10 Features and Benefits of Using LE 1605 SAE 110w DUOLEC ™ Gear Lubricants:

1. LONGER GEAR LIFE - formulated using blends of high quality paraffinic and synthetic base fluids which have been found to provide excellent oxidation resistance, thermal stability, and film strength.
2. REDUCED FRICTION AND OPERATING TEMPERATURES - The new line is formulated with more thermally stable and oxidation resistant extreme pressure (EP) additives that do not sacrifice any load-carrying capability. Its oxidation resistance provides improved thermal stability at elevated temperatures. In fact the DUOLEC™ line boasts impressive EP performance with a Timken OK Load of 75lbs along with reduced deposit formulation.
3. NON-FOAMING IN ACTION - The 1600 DUOLEC™ Series contains non-silicone Defoamants which are not easily removed when the gear oils are filtered, thus they also last longer in the oil. They help improve the ability to monitor direct contamination during oil analysis as the gear oil does not contain silicone which can sometimes confuse customers when trying to remove dirt from their oil.
4. REDUCED WEAR - DUOLEC™ is LE's proprietary additive incorporating revolutionary technology designed specifically for use in LE gear lubricants. It is a temperature activated, dual acting, liquid additive that imparts special properties and synergies to the LE Products in which it is used. DUOLEC™ increases lubricant film strength and protects metal surfaces outperforming conventional lubricant additives at greater temperatures and loads.
5. CLINGABILITY - Contains a highly shear stable tackiness system that allows these products to adhere to metal components yet remain tacky and within viscosity grade during high shear use or filtration
6. EXTENDED DRAIN INTERVALS - friction reduction, oxidation resistance and cooler operation prolong effective oil life to provide extended drain intervals.
7. OXIDATION RESISTANCE - is assured by the natural high oxidation resistance of the selected paraffinic base oils coupled with oxidation inhibitors.
8. SEPARATES READILY FROM WATER - to provide effective lubrication when moisture is present. Ordinarily gear oils will emulsify and foam, causing increased frictional heat and poor lubrication.
9. SEALS - does not affect seals
10. IN SERVICE - it will not drain off quickly like ordinary oils.

1. Drain oil presently in the differential as completely as possible while the truck is still warm. This also helps remove contaminants and oxidized oil which can impair performance of LE gear lubricants. If contaminated oil remains in the differential, foaming can occur.
2. Do not use a volatile, chlorinated solvent or solvent-type flushing compound to wash out the differential. Any solvent trapped in the voids of the reservoir will cause corrosion. Also the presence of even a very little amount of solvent-type flushing compound will reduce the viscosity of a gear oil. Further, without a coating of oil for even a short time, rusting of internal parts of the differential can take place.
3. To properly flush the differential, use a light viscosity turbine oil or non-detergent engine oil (SAE 10 or 20). Jack up your truck (no-load condition) and run in gear for 15 minutes and drain. Note that some units can be so badly oxidized that physical removal from the inner surfaces may be required.
4. If new gears are installed make sure that the new gears that come with a rust preventative are cleaned off. This insures that any rust preventative, debris, metal chips and core sand is removed before installation.