LE 9920 SYNOLEC® Synthetic 75W-140 Gear Oil

The LE 9920 SYNOLEC® 75w-140 Synthetic Gear Oil is a heavy duty synthetic gear lubricant specially formulated for differentials which operate in severe service and where service intervals may be prolonged or longer oil drain intervals are used. This lubricant offers very good high temperature oxidation resistance and thermal stability. Also, exceptional low temperature characteristics as well with a -49 deg F pour point.

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This gear oil is a 100% synthetic base oil which is compounded with long lasting extreme pressure additives, designed solely for synthetic gear lubricants and will provide you with benefits of unmatched superiority. LE's 9920 SYNOLEC® Synthetic Gear Lubricant meets the increased demands placed upon heavy-duty trucks and differentials.

The benefits of using the LE 9920 SYNOLEC® Synthetic Gear Oil are:

1. REDUCED WEAR - with MONOLEC®, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive plus other EP additives, the 9920 SYNOLEC® Synthetic Gear Oil yields a high Timken OK load of 65 lbs. This true SAE 75w140 lubricants provides a tough film strength with no shearing. No viscosity improvers are employed to achieve the multigrade characteristics.

2. LONGER EFFECTIVE LUBRICANT LIFE - is achieved through enhanced low volatility as well as an excellent thermal stability. This assures that this lubricant provides long lasting lubrication when compared with petroleum products without forming carbon deposits. In severe service, this is critical because this lubricant will not break down.

3. COLD WEATHER CAPABILITIES - are realized because of the improved subzero flow properties. With a -49 deg F. pour point, low temperature start-up and lubrication is assured

4. MEETS - AGMA 5EP and 6EP and API GL-5.

5. CONTAINS MONOLEC® - LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive proven in radioactive wear tests to reduce wear by 24.2%.

6. Laboratory testing - has shown that the LE 9920 SYNOLEC® 75w-140 synthetic gear oil withstands 20% more load than a popular 75w140 synthetic gear oil.


The following procedure is recommended for differential preparation before filling with LE gear oil. These steps should be taken in every case before changing to LE gear oil and are especially important where foaming has been a problem or in applications involving use of LE gear oils far beyond the manufacturers' recommended drain intervals.

1. Drain oil presently in the differential as completely as possible while the truck is still warm. This also helps remove contaminants and oxidized oil which can impair performance of LE gear lubricants. If contaminated oil remains in the differential, foaming can occur.

2. Do not use a volatile, chlorinated solvent or solvent-type flushing compound to wash out the differential. Any solvent trapped in the voids of the reservoir will cause corrosion. Also the presence of even a very little amount of solvent-type flushing compound will reduce the viscosity of a gear oil. Further, without a coating of oil for even a short time, rusting of internal parts of the differential can take place.

3. To properly flush the differential, use a light viscosity turbine oil or non-detergent engine oil (SAE 10 or 20). Jack up your truck (no-load condition) and run in gear for 15 minutes and drain. Note that some units can be so badly oxidized that physical removal from the inner surfaces may be required.

4. If new gears are installed make sure that the new gears that come with a rust preventative are cleaned off. This insures that any rust preventative, debris, metal chips and core sand is removed before installation