LE's 7500 MONOLEC® Power Fluid For Heavy-Duty Service

The LE 7500 MONOLEC® Power Fluid was formulated for combination hydraulic-gear systems and certain hydraulic transmissions and converters. In this oil LE incorporated the finest 100% paraffin base oils and a very robust additive package. In addition to this robust additive package, MONOLEC®, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive is incorporated into the MONOLEC® 7500 Power Fluid.

The benefits are:

1.   Higher flash and fire points
2.   Tougher film strength
3.   Better oiliness or lubricity
4.   Greater water resistance
5.   Reduced wear
6.   Eliminates foam
7.   Lowers operating temperatures
8.   Produces even power
9.   Resists oxidation
10. Reduces corrosive wear
11. Protects seals

In FZG Gear wear tests at 284,000 psi and 300 deg F. the LE 7500 MONOLEC® Power Fluid only had 35 mg weight loss as compared to a commercial fluid that had 366 mg weight loss. This shows the superior lubricating factors built into the LE 7500 MONOLEC® Power Fluid under heavy loads and hot temperatures.