Benefits of LE 3752 ALMAGARD® Vari-Purpose Grease
The 3752 ALMAGARD® Vari-Purpose Grease is a heavy-duty, multifunctional grease designed for exceptional mechanical stability, excellent extreme pressure and high temperature capabilities. This grease contains ALMASOL® and QUINPLEX®. ALMASOL® will withstand 1900 deg F. and 400,000 psi. QUINPLEX® contributes to outstanding water resistance, tackiness, and enhanced mechanical stability. QUINPLEX® also helps to form a barrier against corrosion and ensures thorough coupling of oil with the grease base.

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The LE 3752 ALMAGARD® Vari-Purpose Grease has many benefits listed below:

1. Excellent water resistance - won't wash out of bearings and clings to metal even under water spray.

2. Broad temperature range - has a dropping point of 540 deg F.

3. Very tacky - has extraordinary adhesion and cohesion (clingability). Won't pound out or sling off due to the inclusion of QUINPLEX® additive.

4. Superior mechanical stability - does not change substantially in consistency (soften or harden) after being worked thousands of times. This means it lasts and lasts, and maintains a seal against outside contaminants at all times. This will keep dirt and abrasives out and the grease in where it can do it's job.

5. Exceptional anti-wear protection (EP) - A Timken OK load of 70 lbs. demonstrates the almost unparalleled extreme pressure characteristics.

6. Bearing life - Up to 3 times longer bearing life.

7. High impact resistance - as shown by the impact tester.

Typical application

1. Chassis
2. Wheel bearings
3. Front axle arrangements
4. U-joints
5. General industry
6. Marine
7. Fleet
8. Farm
"Use wherever high temperatures, water or heavy loading are considerations."