Benefits of Using the LE 1150 TRANS-ALL EHP Automatic Transmission Fluid

The LE 1150 is a versatile Extra High Performance automatic transmission Fluid for use in Allison transmissions, which require the use of TranSyndTM TES-295 type fluids. General Motors and Ford, where DEXRON III, MERCON, and MERCON V are required, also approve the use of LE's 1150 TRANS-ALL EHP. Allison C-4 approval #C4-30152004.

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LE's 1150 TRANS-ALL EHP Automatic Transmission Fluid is engineered to provide enhanced lubricant performance by using the most advanced additives on the market, blended into the highest quality synthetic and paraffinic base oils available. LE's proprietary manufacturing process allows 1150 to be treated with the highest possible additive levels, providing longer effective fluid life and unmatched protection against wear.

LE's 1150 has written approval for GM Dexron® IIIH, Ford Mercon®, Mercon V and Allison C-4 Automatic Transmission applications. Also suitable for use in Chrysler ATF +3 and ATF +4 applications. Can be used in commercial applications where Allison TES-295 Fluid is specified.

Use of LE's 1150 TRANS-ALL EHP ATF results in smoother shifting, reduced wear on transmission parts, longer effective fluid life and a significant decrease in maintenance costs.

The LE 1150 TRANS-ALL EHP benefits are:
1. Superior Lubrication, protection of moving parts against wear and premature failure.
2. High Oxidation Resistance, which prevents thickening and the formation of sludge and varnished deposits.
3. Protection from Rust and Corrosion, which result from condensation and acid formation.
4. Protection Against Wear, because effective lubricating qualities are retained over a long period of time.
5. Non-Foaming, assuring smooth transmission of power and eliminating fluid loss through the fill pipe.
6. Rapid Heat Transfer, to cool and protect metal parts.
7. Preservation of Seals, extending seal life and preventing fluid loss.
8. Excellent Low Temperature Fluidity, insuring faster starts and more efficient operation in cold climates.


Recommended for heavy-duty automotive truck and construction equipment where MERCON, MERCON V, DEXRON II, DEXRON III, or Allison C-4 fluid is specified. May be substituted without question for Type A (Suffix A) or C-3 fluids. Meets all specifications for Caterpillar TO-2, ZF TE-ML. 14B, Voith G607 G1363 (extended drain), and Denison HF-0. USDA H2. Especially applicable where drains periods may be longer than normal due to equipment being away from home terminal.