LE's 2410 BTU+® Diesel Fuel Improver Features & Benefits

Environmental issues have resulted in lower-performance diesel fuels in on-road and off-road uses. Engines are subjected to more wear and lower fuel economies, Assurance of a clean engine and complete fuel combustion will result in maximum fuel economy, longer equipment life, reduced emissions and a lower cost per mile or hour of operation. LE's BTU+® Diesel Fuel Improver is designed to provide this protection for year round use. 

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Performance Features:
  1. Cleans fuel pumps, injectors, and combustion chamber.  
  2. Improves fuel lubricity.  
3. Retards microbial growth.
4. Provides more complete combustion.
5. Lowers pour point and cold filter plug point.
  1. Better Fuel Economy.
  2. Less Maintenance of Fuel Pumps and Injectors, Rings, and Valves.
3. Fewer Emissions.
4. Improves EGR System Efficiency and Helps Reduce Soot in Oil.
5. Better Low Temperature Starting.
6. More Complete Combustion for more BTU's.
7. Longer Fuel Stabilzation.
8. Better Dispersion of Water While Dropping Out Free Water.
9. Smoother Running Engine.
10. Keeps Filters and Injectors Clean for Longer Life.
11. Prevents Rust and Corrosion.
12. Econmical Treat Rate.  BTU+ Fuel Improve Treat at 1 gallon per 1,000 gallons of fuel. Mix ratio 1:1000.